A supportive boutique style community for women BOS’S who are solo in business and in life.


This Boutique Style Community is about quality over quantity. Each meeting only has 12 seats which allows for every member to be seen and heard. This is all about relationship building!

Picture this Community as your Life Support Group; living, breathing memory foam that adapts with life to provide whatever support you need in our constantly changing and evolving lives. We are the Google of real life.  Our needs change constantly as we find ourselves having to cope with, and overcome, the inevitable curveballs the universe throws at us all. Our needs change as rapidly as our thoughts.  What you needed yesterday won’t necessarily be what you need today…

This Community is a judgment-free safe place where you can discuss whatever you need to nourish your soul at any given time - from needing to verbally express your spouse who's acting like an asshole, when your kids are acting shitty, or crappy employees, to help with solving business challenges, learning social media hacks, or even being real about the onset of quarantine alcoholism or learning how to get into philanthropy; no judgment here.

Everyone is grouped by Jackie’s internal connector algorithm, uniting each newcomer with those best equipped to help you grow and evolve, personally and/or professionally.

Each session starts with everyone taking the spotlight for a few minutes to share with the group what you’ve been overthinking about each week. Need help coming up with a new business idea? Or perhaps help with a parenting concern or roadblock in your relationship? Whatever it is. We got you.

For all of the Solopreneurettes, those solo in business (and life) – all of you lone warriors. It’s time to join your BOS CLUB Community.


What’s in it for YOU?

Monthly Deliverables 

As a Solopreneurette, you are the COE – Chief of Everything! … NOT HERE!

- Meet in person 4x a month (optional)

- 12 people ONLY for an in-person meeting (Quality vs Quantity)

- 2 locations – East Side & West Side (sign-up sheets will be available)

- Zoom evening meeting

- Pop up meetings (day, evening & weekends)



Tired of not having someone to hold your hand and say “you got this”?... No worries WE GOT YOU!

- You’ll be matched quarterly with the right accountability partner.

- It’s a partnership of two extraordinary women collaborating, supporting and giving feedback when needed.


Mastermind Sessions

EVERYONE is heard!

- You share problems for the group to help source solutions & bounce around ideas.

- Tell us HOW WE CAN HELP YOU? What is the issue you are facing & need CLARITY, HELP & ANSWERS?

- It’s your personal Board of Directors & Advisory Committee.

-- Brain storming – Want you to have a successful personal and business life… WE AS A GROUP HELP CREATE IT.


Industry Hero’s

Let us connect you to the EXPERTS that are relevant to your business or life needs. (Finances – SEO - Social Media – Relationships – Parenting)

- This is based on your needs!


BOS Spotlight 

Let’s shine the light on YOU!

- You’ll be interviewed live for a chance to show others what you do.

- Will share on multiple social media platforms and groups.


BOS Hotline 

Everybody needs someone to talk too!... Confidential and no question is off limits! Weekly calls with Jackie.

- You pick the day and time best for you. YOU TALK, I LISTEN! 


Social Media Hacks 

Let’s hack those platforms together and trick the algorithms to boost our posts.

Together we are stronger!

The Community 

Connect to like-minded business owners, bounce ideas off one another , collaborate and build your network… Sharing is caring!

- Act as a marketplace where we trade within our collaborative community first.

- Private Facebook Group for us to interact.

- Group field trips.


ü  Monthly in Person and Zoom Meetings

Get control of the COE - Chief of Everything state of mind. We got you! 

ü  BOS Hotline

Everybody needs someone to talk too! 

ü  BOS Spotlight:

It’s about time someone shines the spot light on YOU. 

ü  Board of Directors

You’re never alone in the BOS CLUB. 

ü  Industry Hero’s

Get additional support from the experts!

ü  The Community

24/7 support in a private Facebook group.